Ernie-expat web developer and more

Ernie is an American expat living in Nanning Guanxi China. He works as a freelance web developer. Ernie’s High is and probably always be a work in progress. Starting off as a project to build a website to help my wife’s friends and relatives to find American(or any westerner) husbands (they are still looking guys hint hint) it slowly turned into a thought about a blog to write about my life as an expat in Nanning. Since it was just a thought and nobody seems interested in paying me to write about my thoughts it has remained dormant for a time. Yet, here it is taking up space on the “World Wide Web”, It does however serve a purpose as a place to work on various web developing projects, and as a place for clients, both existing and perspective, to see what I am up to.

I have thought about turning it into a place maybe a forum of sorts for beginning and advanced web developers to share their experiences and what not. There are many sites that are like that however, and again the time and effort in creating something like that is not something I can spend right now. I am not sure where this is going or what it will evolve into, but I am having fun with it. So if you have found yourself here, look around read some of my ramblings, look at the pictures but most of all enjoy.