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Nanning Guangxi China is by Chinese standards a mid-sized city and, the provincial capitol of Guanxi Province. The population ranges from around 2.5 million to over 8 million depending on how you look at it. The over all Nanning area covers quite a large area, over 22,000 sq. kilometers. The actual city isn’t quite so large, I can ride across it on my bicycle in a little under an hour. Of course this depends on time of day, route, and whether or not I stay on the road or make use of trails and sidewalks. It is located in southern China approx. 160 km (99 mi. to us foriegners) North of the Vietnam border and 139 km west of the South Chinese Sea. The city is divided by the Yong River 邕江, Not only is Nanning divided by the Yong river, there is also two distinct parts of the city, “New” and “Old”. Although you can find new constuction all over Nanning “New” Nanning is primarily all new construction, featuring an exposition center and international business area. I do not get into that part of town much, personally liking “Old” Nanning better.

“Old” Nanning is mostly north of the river and the western side of city. Here you will find older brick dwellings that may or may not have running water, haphazard electrical wiring (could be spliced in from a neighbor’s) and a maze of narrow walkways between buildings. Where an unsuspecting lǎowài on a bicycle can become lost

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  1. says:

    tried to read article but was not let in even with vpn

  2. says:

    mmmm you use the same one I do don’t you?

  3. greg hutchins says:

    I have been to nanning five times over the years and I always feel safe never had any problems. I am going to retire and live full time 2014 Jan. I hope to meet other American and other expats..

  4. Admin says:

    Hey Greg
    Your right, I have been out walking around late at night and never have had any trouble here. For the most part the people extremely friendly and easy going.

    • greg says:

      I will look you up when I come to nn in sept.. how is the red star cafe for american food..?

      • Ernie says:

        Hey Greg

        Sorry for the delay. Sounds good if I am still here, looks like I may be getting kicked out. Not sure if I have heard of the Red Star where abouts is it?


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